We at DASH believe that every single property holds significant value to every owner. A property is more than a value; it is a home, or a business, or the place where you started your family. From humble roots to extravagant estates, each property has a story and we want to hear yours!

At DASH, listing a property is about being a personal real estate professional. Our goal is to help you along, as you write your story, to maximize your proceeds and minimize your stress. If you’re interested in finding out more about what DASH Real Estate Company does to sell properties, continue reading or fill out the Seller Questionnaire below.

Why should I work with a Real Estate Agent?

When it comes to selling your home, hiring a real estate agent is by far the most efficient way to ensure a smooth and successful transaction for a number of reasons. There are many duties that a real estate agent provides!

Besides a smooth transaction, we ensure that your home is marketed and sold using the latest technology, marketing expertise, and a client focus attitude. Your professional listing will receive:

Home Marketing Photos – interior and exterior photos showing the beauty of your home.

Signage and Marketing – each listing is listed into the local MLS system and accessible to agents across Florida who are looking for exactly what you’re selling!

Complex Data Analysis – using reverse prospecting and modern marketing technology, we can reach those who are most likely to purchase your home and create campaigns until it is sold.

Broker’s Open and Open House – your home will receive feedback from agents, monthly, as well as probable buyers during open house scenarios.

Coordination and Completion

An agent’s job is not complete until the home is sold, guiding all parties toward closing. Any given transaction will involve coordinating with anywhere between 10-15 people; from buyers and sellers, real estate agents, title company, lenders, surveyors, appraisers, inspectors, etc. It’s the professional coordination that leads to a smooth process, when all the cogs and gears work together, the real estate engine moves forward!

For Sale by Owner

Although selling a home on your own is generally a cheaper option for home owners, many sellers do not realize what an experienced real estate professional can provide. Besides carrying a transaction from start to closing, many probable buyers of your home are already working with a buyer’s agent. A property that is ‘For Sale by Owner’ does not offer any compensation for a buyer’s agent, which limits your listing to those who are working without a Realtor (~87% of real estate buyers work with an agent!). Working with a DASH agent secures a smooth process with a licensed professional who can move your property quickly and efficiently!