DASH CRM Tutorial Videos

Welcome to the Knowledge Center for DASH CRM. Click on any of the icons to see a short explanation video for each Tab in DASH CRM. You can watch the videos in up to 2.5x speed as well. Reach out if you have any questions and attend any CRM classes we offer. There is much to learn, and this is a powerful tool to leverage for your business!

Introduction to DASH CRM

Here, we will discuss the introduction to DASH CRM. Join me as we dive into the world of Dash CRM and discover how it can supercharge your real estate business!

Conversations Tab

This video will explain the Conversations Tab. Conversations tracks all of the communication with any client through the CRM so you know what's being sent and when!

Calendars Tab

This video will walk you through how to use the Calendars Tab. I will show you how this app integrates with Google Calendars, allowing us to easily manage our schedule and avoid conflicts.

Contacts Tab

In this video, we will explain what is in the Contacts Tab. This database of information stores all of your clients' info for whenever you need it!

Opportunities Tab

This video gets into the Opportunities Tab. Here, we walk you through the different features and terminology, such as "Pipelines" and "Stages".

Marketing Tab - Social Planner

Here in the Marketing Tab, We discuss a LOT! The Social Planner, as a powerful tool, scheduling posts, using AI to generate posts, and creating multiple posts in a short amount of time.

Marketing Tab - Email Campaigns

Here in the Marketing Tab, We discuss a LOT! Email Campaigns allow us to send emails to 1 or 10,000 contacts... all at the same time! Scalable email campaigns are here!

Marketing Tab - Email Templates

Here in the Marketing Tab, We discuss a LOT! Email Templates can automate and expedite the information you're looking to send out so that you can spend more time with your clients!

Reputation Tab

In the Reputation Tab, we discuss how our account syncs with Google My Business and allows for easy integrations in getting consistent reviews!

Automation Tab

This icon is RED because this is an advanced video! Here we will discuss and build a simple Automation. In the Automation Tab, we can simply create actions that the software will do for us, with no further action on our part!

Sites Tab

This icon is RED because this is an advanced video! Here in the Sites Tab, we will discuss all the available options here, but go in depth on the most useful of all - Forms. Forms allow us to take in and add information easily. Not more writing down contact info!

Phone App Install Tutorial

In this video we walk through installing, logging in, and functioning the app that powers DASH CRM from our phones!